This proposal utilises an existing open space at the junction of Farringdon Road and Clerkenwell Road (London) by covering the current deep railway cutting and introducing a high quality public square. River Fleet Circus would provide a contemporay urban focus, unlock regeneration potential and emphasise the existing views to St Paul’s Cathedral.

The shape of the space is formed by it’s history – a valley where the River Fleet once flowed towards the Thames. The river became an open sewer and was culverted in the 1860s and the Underground was then built through the cutting.

The current public realm is of very poor quality and does nothing to recognise the huge potential of the site as a world class public square set within the context of the impressive architecture that already faces the space. The design would draw reference from the lost River Fleet in the form of shallow water features, slowly flowing southwards.

Location: Clerkenwell
Client: Landscape Institute
Collaboration: Dominic Cole Landscape Architects, Regeneration X